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I. General Questions

Why are you providing an online shopping system?

We want to provide you with a more convenient way of shopping for a new Chevrolet vehicle. With Shop. Click. Drive., you can purchase your new Chevy, any time, at the safety and comfort of your home.

How can I shop online?

Use the “Vehicles” page to browse through the available Chevy models. When you find a vehicle you like, send an inquiry, book a test drive, or set an appointment with your preferred dealer, and a Chevrolet Sales Consultant will assist you throughout the buying process.

How will the dealer be storing or using my information?

Information collected through Shop. Click. Drive. is subject to TCCCI’s Privacy Policy.

How do I know if www.shopclickdrive.com.ph is secure?

We follow technical, administrative, physical security, and confidentiality measures designed to help protect your information from unauthorized access or acquisition.

Can I save my transaction and come back later?

When you inquire through Shop. Click. Drive., you will be issued a reference number that you can use to continue your previous transaction.

What if I have additional questions? How do I contact you?

If you need more information, you may contact us through the 24/7 Chevy Hotline at 5328-2438, My Chevrolet Connect, or reach out to any of our authorized Dealerships. You may also send an email through Contact Us.

II. Test Driving

Can I schedule a test drive before buying a Chevy?

Yes. Once you have selected a vehicle, you may schedule your test drive by clicking on the ‘Test Drive’ button. A Chevrolet Sales Consultant from your preferred dealer will contact you to verify and confirm your test drive schedule.

Are there safety protocols being implemented for test driving?

All Chevrolet dealerships observe strict safety and sanitization protocols in order to protect Chevy customers and employees. Chevrolet test drive units are also sanitized regularly for your safety. Before your test drive, you must present your valid driver’s license to your assigned Chevrolet Sales Consultant. You will also be asked to fill out a waiver that outlines our policies on test drives.

What if I change my mind or don’t like the actual vehicle after test driving it?

You are under no obligation to purchase the vehicle prior to signing your paperwork at the time of delivery. If you are not satisfied with your test drive, let your chosen dealership know and they will gladly help improve your Chevy experience.

III. Availability

How will I know if the car I want is available?

After selecting your preferred Chevy model, variant, and color, a Chevrolet Sales Consultant from your chosen dealer will contact you to give an update on your vehicle’s availability.

What if the car I want is not available?

If your chosen vehicle is not available, you may ask your Chevrolet Sales Consultant to put you on a waitlist or you may explore other available Chevrolet models or variants.

Up to how many cars can I order?

There is currently no limit to the number of Chevrolet vehicles you can purchase through Shop. Click. Drive. You may inquire about all vehicles to vehicles page available in our product lineup.

Can I purchase add-ons for my car?

Chevrolet offers a wide range of accessories that you can add to your vehicle. Your preferred Chevrolet dealership can assist you on checking the availability and compatibility of the vehicle accessories you are interested in.

IV. Order

How do I connect with a Chevrolet Sales Consultant?

You may connect with a Chevrolet Sales Consultant by sending an inquiry through our Vehicles page. You may also contact your preferred dealership through Contact Us or by visiting our Facebook page to get in touch with them directly.

What are the financing requirements needed for a vehicle purchase?

For personal purchases, you need to submit two (2) government-issued valid ID’s, Certificate of Employment, your payslip from the last three (3) months, your latest bank statement covering the last three (3) months, and a copy of your Income Tax Return.

For company purchases, you need to submit your business permit, the latest audited financial statement of your business, a copy of your company’s recent Income Tax Return, Secretary Certificate, and your company’s bank statement covering the last three (3) months.

How do I complete the necessary paperwork for the purchase?

Your assigned Chevrolet Sales Consultant can send the necessary forms to your email. Kindly fill them out and send them back via email for processing. You can also schedule a visit at your preferred dealership to complete the paperwork.

How many days does processing take?

The processing of your vehicle may vary. It may take 1-2 weeks to process your vehicle purchase from the time all requirements have been accomplished and submitted to the bank. Your Chevrolet Sales Consultant will discuss the processing time with you.

V. Credit Application

If I submit a credit application, when will I know my status?

Once you have submitted your credit application, your assigned Chevrolet Sales Consultant from your preferred dealer will update you on the status of your application.

Which financing institutions will you be sending my credit application to?

Your preferred dealership will submit your credit application to financing institutions accredited by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, based on location or other eligibility factors which will be discussed with you by your assigned Chevrolet Sales Consultant.

VI. Payment

What are the available modes of payment?

Contact any authorized Chevrolet dealership to know the flexible modes of payment available to you.

Do I have to go to a dealership to pay for my order?

If you are unable to go to a dealership, Shop. Click. Drive. gives you the option to pay through credit card or GCash. Head over to the payment page to complete your payment transaction.

Other payment options are also available including fund transfer, bank deposit, or direct deposit to your preferred dealership. Contact your preferred Chevy dealership for more details.

How safe is the online payment process?

Our online payment system is integrated with PayMongo, a PCI Service Provider compliant payment provider. PayMongo enforces a web security protocol mechanism that ensures the encryption of your data. For more information, you may visit:

PayMongo Security

How Secure Is PayMongo?

VII. Delivery

Can I have my new car delivered?

Yes. Upon completion of the buying process, your chosen Chevrolet dealership can arrange the delivery of your brand new Chevy to your preferred location.

Can I choose to pick up my new vehicle at my nearest Chevrolet dealership?

Yes. Upon completion of your vehicle purchase transaction, you can schedule the pick up of your brand new Chevy at your preferred dealership. For your safety, kindly observe the safety protocols in the dealership. Always wear your mask and face shield and observe proper physical distancing.

VIII. Others

What is included in my vehicle purchase?

Your vehicle purchase includes an Owner’s Manual, a Warranty Booklet, an emergency tire, and the emergency tool kits.

Will I be able to add a protection plan for my vehicle?

Your brand new vehicle comes with a Chevrolet Complete Care package, which includes a 5-year warranty program that covers your vehicle for five (5) years or 100,000 kms., whichever comes first. The Trailblazer and Colorado come with a special 5-year warranty coverage: 3-year bumper to bumper warranty plus a 2-year warranty on the Power Train or 100,000 kilometer, whichever comes first. Your Chevy vehicle also comes with automatic enrollment to the 24/7 Chevrolet Roadside Assistance for 3 years, with the option to renew on the 4th year of ownership.